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Back in the 90's I owned half a cow. The farmer, who owned the other half, rented her out to his neighbors as a walking lawnmower. I woke up early each morning, herded her into the barn, sat on a three legged stool and squeezed a bottle of warm rich milk out of her. By the time I got home, the cream rose to the top of the bottle where it was easy to skim off. I made butter, whipped cream, custard, cream of chicken soup and much more.

The cow has long since passed away, but I get out to the country every once in a while to score a couple of pints of delicious, farm fresh dairy. In the Stoned Soup kitchen, the cream goes on the stove with a quarter ounce of shake. I keep the heat low and constantly stir the pot until little wisps of steam float off the cream. Then, I turn off the heat, cover the pot and wait for 40 minutes until all the ganja goodness gets into the yellow white liquid. Finally, I strain out the plant stuff and pop the CannaCream into the fridge.

CannaCream can get pretty dank, and pretty strong. I often mix it with more cream or other ingredients to cut the flavor and keep the buzz under control. A spoonful of this in a chocolate mousse is a great way to enjoy this gift from our bovine friends.



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