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Next weekend, Americans will consume 53 million pounds of avocados while watching some really big dudes decide the football championship. We'll be doing our part in the Stoned Soup Kitchen by mashing avocados with some herb and spices to make a dip we call Guacadopé. This dip is a great way to munch through a bag of chips and it will make game Sunday a real party.

The first tip is to get your supplies early. Get to the store a few days in advance and beat the crowds. You'll need Bud Oil, garlic, limes, an onion, a tomato and some avocados. Buy the hard ones and let them ripen on the window sill. On Sunday morning, you can enjoy a cup of coffee and the mellow of staying away from the crowds—unless you forgot the beer or the chips.

Like its herbless cousin, Guacadopé needs to be made fresh. You can mash some garlic and chop the onions, jalapeños and tomato in advance, but don't touch the avocados until people are lined up with chips in their hands. When the time comes, grab an avocado and a big knife. Hold the avocado in your non-knife hand and locate the little nub where the stem goes. Think of this as the North Pole of the fruit. Very carefully, cut through the North Pole until the knife hits something hard inside. The hard thing is the pit. Turn the avocado so that the knife cuts around the pit. Put the knife down and twist the two halves of the avocado. When you pull the halves apart, one half will have a hole in it and the other half will have the brown pit. Hold the pitted half in your non-knife hand with the pit facing up. Make sure your fingers are out of the way, and then slap the pit with the sharp edge of the knife. Twist the knife so that it turns the pit and breaks it loose. When you pull the knife away, the pit should be stuck to it. Wrap your fingers around the back of the knife blade and pinch the pit to free it from the knife.

You have to move quickly now, because once air can get to the avocado, it will start to turn brown. Scoop the avocado out of the skin and put it in a bowl with a mashed garlic clove, the juice of half a lime, two tablespoons of Bud Oil and a bit of salt. Use a fork to mash up the avocado until it gets to the point on the chunky-smooth spectrum that you like. Add in the chopped jalapeños, onion and tomato, and then taste to adjust the salt and lime.

Some of you will be tempted to add more Bud Oil. Before you do, think about it for a minute. Chips and dip are addictive all on their own. With the appetite enhancing properties of Marijuana adding its nudge, you are going to be making a second and perhaps a third batch. By half time, you will get plenty of Bud Oil.

After the game, when your buzz is still going strong, check out this guacamole based video -




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