Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Over years of painstaking research and experimentation, we tried every combination of flour, sugar, butter and flavorings we could think of until we came up with the perfect cookie. The perfected cookie is mildly sweet, chewy and packed with bursts of chocolate and walnut. I tell you, these cookies were mind blowing even before I switched out the butter for Buerre Vert to create the perfect late night snack.

If you like a cookie a little before bedtime, go with Blue Dream for the perfect effect. Can you use Jack or Manatuska or even Kush? Sure you can. You could change other things too, like the kind of chocolate, leave out the nuts, add gum drops - whatever you like. But note — we perfected the recipe. If you make even the smallest changes to the recipe, don't hold us responsible for any bizarre side effects.

These cookies are a combination of three elements - The gooey part is made of Budder, sugar (Regular and brown), an egg and some vanilla. The powdery part is flour, salt and baking powder. The flavorings are semi-sweet chocolate chips, rolled oats and walnuts. Get all of these things together at your work place along with two mixing bowls, a cookie sheet and various stirring implements.

Pre-heat your oven to 375 degrees. While the oven is heating up, put half a cup of Buerre Vert into a mixing bowl and add a quarter cup of white sugar and a quarter cup of packed brown sugar. The butter needs to be soft for this next part. If it isn't, you can squish the butter and sugar into little bits with your hands. You'll be messy, but licking you fingers will be fun. Once the butter is soft, use a mixer on medium speed to cream the butter and sugar into a smooth mixture. Now, mix in an egg and a half teaspoon of vanilla. Put that mixing bowl aside and get another one for the powdery part. The powders involved are half a cup of flour, half a teaspoon of baking soda and a pinch of salt. I know what you are thinking, "Salt in my cookies? Gross!" Chill out. It's just a pinch and it will bring out the other flavors without tasting salty. Really.

Mix all the powders together, then set that bowl aside and get a third bowl. In this one, put half a bag of chocolate chips (Leslie insists on semi-sweet chips. Some of you will be tempted to try milk chocolate or even white chocolate chips, but beware - Leslie will disavow any association with such free-styling), a cup and a half of uncooked oatmeal and half a cup of chopped walnuts. Stir that stuff around before you grab the other the mixing bowls.

Pour the flour into the butter and stir until it is well mixed. Don't stir a stroke more than it takes to get them mixed. Otherwise, you'll develop the gluten in the flour and make your cookies tough. Next, mix in the flavorings, stirring just enough to get them evenly distributed. Look at you, you've made cookie dough.

Put some parchment paper on a cookie sheet and use a spoon to make little one inch cookie dough balls. Leave room between the balls - these cookies are going to spread out. You'll have to do this in at least two batches depending on the size of your cookie sheet. When you have a sheet full, pop it in the oven for about eight minutes, or until the cookies turn a nice golden brown. Keep an eye on the oven the whole time. If you burn them, you will have committed the sin of wasting dope and will have to sit in the corner until you are contrite.

Let each batch of cookies cool for a minute on the cookie sheet. They will firm up a bit, making them easy to move to a cooling rack (The cooling rack lets air get to all sides of the cookies so they don't get soggy).

Once the cookies are cool, grab a glass of milk and indulge. Don't forget to turn off the oven.


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