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Butter is the bomb. I like to spread it on bread, dip seafood in it, make sauces and hundreds of other applications. Not only is butter good food, it has the convenient property that it can dissolve THC. There is a sauce called Beurre Blanc - White Butter that is a great thing to serve on a piece of fish or drizzled on asparagus.  When you add dope to butter it turns greenish thus - Beurre Vert. The green color is handy for making sure that grandma doesn't grab the wrong butter from the fridge and accidently drugging Grandpa with her cookies.

You might think that it would be easy to blend a stick of Land o' Lakes and a bag of shake into a glob and go to town. Trust me, that is not the way to go. After you pick all the bits of sticky bud out of your teeth, you will realize that there must be a trick to making an effective and tasty concoction. So, here's what you do -

Get a sauce pan. If you live with anyone like my son, you'll find one in the sink encrusted with Mac and Cheese residue. Wash it out and put it near your work area. Also, put out a cutting board, a chef's knife, a wad of cheese cloth and a mixing bowl.  Next, get a stick of butter, and a quarter ounce of dope.

Getting all the stuff together is called "Mise en place." It means everything in its place, which is a handy precaution for the kind of stoners who lose things all the time. Not only is this important for making the recipe work, but in a few hours, the phrase "Mise en place," will sound hilarious. That's right, I said a few hours. You can't rush this process. If you cook marijuana too fast the THC will boil away. If you take the butter too soon, it won't be strong enough. Relax. Have a beer. The work is not hard and you will end up with enough Beurre Vert to keep you going for quite a while.

Chop up the weed, taking care to pick out all the seeds. They have a different kind of oil in them that will just get in the way. When you have a finely chopped pile of grass, wrap it in a bit of aluminum foil and put the packet into a 320 degree oven for about 20 minutes. This will convert the THC into a form that is more easily absorbed. Toss the cooked weed into the sauce pot (You put it by your work area when you did the mise en place). Put enough water in the pot to float the dope. That's right water. I know, THC doesn't dissolve in water. The water is not there to absorb THC it is there to control the temperature during the cooking process. Isn't chemistry cool?

The butter goes in the pot and the pot goes on the stove. Turn the heat on medium. Once you see a few tiny bubbles coming up the sides of the pan, turn the heat down. If you have an exhaust fan, turn it on. Things are gonna smell like Snoop Dog's crib for a while. Let the pot simmer for a longggggggg time. I let mine go for 2 or 3 hours. You don't have to stand there and stir it, but you do have to check from time to time to add more water if needed. As long as the water is there, the mixture won't get above 212 degrees. Once it is gone, the temp will climb, the butter will burn and all the nifty THC will blow right out your exhaust fan. Don't let that happen!

OK, now you have a pot full of butter, water and plant junk. The first step is to get rid of the plant junk. Let the pot cool and line the bowl with the cheese cloth. Use a bunch of layers so you get a nice fine mesh. Pour the stuff from the pot on top of the cheese cloth, being careful to keep the edges of the cloth above the rim of the bowl. Pull the edges together and lift the cloth so you get a little bag that drips liquid into the bowl.  Squeeze the bag to get all the liquid out.

Ouch! Remember when I said to let the pot cool? That's why.

The last step is to separate the water from the butter. Once again chemistry comes to the rescue. Water and butter don't mix very well. It's an oil and water thing. All you have to do is let the bowl sit for a bit and all the butter will float to the top. Put it in the 'fridge and the butter will solidify so you can scoop it up and put it in an airtight container.

Throw the water away. It tastes gross and has little or no THC in it. As for the plant matter, it is mostly useless, but you can use it in other recipes if you like.

You can spread a bit of the Beurre Vert on toast to enjoy the fruit of your labor, or check out one of the delicious recipes on this site and get your gourmet on.




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